Thursday, May 5, 2011

Night Night

Luke did NOT want to go to sleep tonight, but he was SO sleepy. He would laugh, then cry, smile, then lay his head down, rub his eyes, & then pop back up as if he was wide awake. Poor baby! 

He's the kind of baby that needs to sleep every 3-4 hours....or else! 

I put him in his crib & left the room thinking that he would be asleep within seconds. 10 minutes later I walked past his room & noticed his little face peeking through his crib. As soon as he saw me he stood up & demanded that I come help him go to sleep. This is what happens when he's overtired - he can't fall asleep by himself.

But that's ok because I got to rock my sweet boy to sleep.

When I saw him peeking through the crib I had to grab my camera for a few quick shots- it was too precious.

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