Monday, May 23, 2011

9 Months Old

Luke turned 9 months old on the 13th of this month. Geeez, where is the time going?   

He is crawling super fast & is all over the place now. He pulls himself up to a standing position every chance he gets, & can use pretty much anything to do so - even the wall. He is cruising around like a champ as well.

He still wants to eat everything we eat, & much prefers "real" food to baby food.  He's still just a little thing though, only 18 pounds.

He goes to bed at night easily, usually between 7 & 8 pm, & sleeps through the night (thank you Luke). I put him to bed awake & he puts himself to sleep - crazy, huh?  I say this because not much has ever been real easy with Luke - he had a serious case of colic that STILL lingers.  But even with the constant fuss, he's still a very smiley baby -  & oh, does he love to smile - big open mouth smiles, small shy smiles, & one-sided crooked smiles - it's seriously the sweetest smile I've ever seen (I know, I'm biased!).

He has started waving - bye bye & hello!  It's so cute. He waves at everyone too which makes it even cuter. I swear Luke has NO sense of stranger danger - he likes anyone who pays attention to him or just looks at him. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. 

His new favorite book is a little board book that my sweet friend Shelley gave him - thank you Shelley! It's the song "If You're Happy & You Know It" made into a book. Oh my gosh, Luke loves loves loves it. He will sit in my lap & listen to it over & over, & if I stop (because there's only so many times I can sing that song) he will cry until I sing it again.  I love it.

He loves to play with his toys most days - his daycare teacher said that he "plays hard". I thought that was so funny & the perfect description of him. He still LOVES Sesame Street - I mean really loves it. A lot.  And so do I because it will usually calm him down pretty quickly if he's upset.

So, I could be totally imagining this, but I swear that he is copying some things I say - 2 words I can think of now are "kitty" and "uh-oh".  He doesn't say it clearly, but is really trying to say it, even using the same tone as me.  I think this means he's going to be really smart - ha!

He just started doing this thing where he scrunches up his little nose & face & makes small sniffle sounds - kind of like he's sniffing something that smells weird. We don't know where he learned it, but now we do it back & forth with him.  I think he does it when he's happy.

And I hope that he is happy forever. 

I love my baby bear.

Here are some pics taken this past weekend at a new trail on the greenbelt in our neighborhood.

Sweet little feet

Dad & Luke

Waving bye bye - look at that dirty foot from standing in the dirt

Sweet Shot Day


Vhen said...

nice shots, i love it.. ;)

Heart n Soul said...

how his little wave at you :)

Kristy said...

how cute, what a fun little guy!

April said...

Such a cutie! What a happy guy. :)

Cheryl said...

Okay, he is too stinkin precious. Love that pic of him waving goodbye. What a cutie.
but hands down my fave is the one with his daddy holding his hand. Just makes me melt.

Anonymous said...

Love the updates and pix. I need to take photo lessons from you. What a cutie pie. XOXO

blairethompson said...

Hey Christa! My mom sent your blog to me, and I am so glad she did. I loved reading about Luke! He could not be more adorable. I hope I get to see him (and y'all) soon. Take Care!