Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Goals

To most teachers, the summer is a time for a much needed break and relaxation, but in 10 years of teaching, I have never taken this opportunity.  Instead I spend my summers teaching summer school, and I actually enjoy it!  I do, however, make goals every year of things to accomplish over the summer.  Unfortunately, they rarely get done.  So, I'm hoping that writing them down here will help me to accomplish them - it will at least allow me to organize my list, and form a plan (I think).

So here it is, the big TO DO list:

1.  Organize the photos on my hard drive.  OMG, I have so many!

2.  Make a 2011 photo book.  I have all the pics, just need to organize them & decide which to include.  I'd  like the book to include pics of Luke from every month.

3.  Start a week in review post from my iphone photos.  Eventually I hope to put these into a book as well.

4.  Organize my craft supplies.

5.  Convert the guest room into an office/ craft/ guest room.  I  think I'd do more if everything was set up and organized.

6.  Paint the walls in my house - at least the downstairs kitchen and living room.  We built our house 5 years ago, and the builders paint is just starting to need an update.  The dining room & Luke's room are the only rooms we ever painted because I am so picky about colors & could never decide on a paint color for the other rooms.

7.  Blog more often!

8.  Plan Luke's 2nd birthday party.  I think that we are going to do it at the Children's Museum, but will decide for sure this weekend after a visit.

9.  Help Brad clean & organize the garage - it's not bad, but could stand a little more organization.

10.  Get rid of Luke's clothes that don't fit anymore.  I got rid of a TON of his clothes when he turned one, but need to do it again.

11.  Work more on my photography & editing skills - I so wish I had more time to devote to this because I really love doing it!

11.  Spend as much time as possible with Luke & Brad - this of course is always a priority, and number one priority at that, which is probably why so much of the above is STILL on my to do list.

So far, my summer has been great!  My nephew came & stayed with us for a week, and we've spent a lot of family time at the pool.  Here are some recent pics from the pool (and please note the obvious farmer's tan of both Luke & Brad).