Monday, April 18, 2011

There's A New Sheriff In Town

and he did NOT want his picture taken as you will see - not one smile!

Oh well, he's still the cutest little cowboy I've ever seen.

These were taken right after dinner which is why he is without clothes - he's a very messy eater.


Tina said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Luke. I remember how happy he made my mom when you all came to see her. Pictures are very important I'm finding. Since mommy passed, I've dug up alot of old pictures of her. It helps me alot just to see them.
Thanks so much for posting the pictures even if he didn't smile.


Meredith said...

YAY Christa!!! I'm so excited about your blog! Luke is amazing. He is just too cute! I hope you're doing well. Miss you!

Christagayle said...

Thank you, that's really sweet. I take hundreds of pictures every week because I never want to forget these precious times with Luke. Your mom was such a special lady, & I'll never forget something that she told me. She said, "Make sure you always take good care of your baby, we are the ones who do it's don't know how to take care of them like mom's do". Gosh, was she right! I think about that every time Brad does something the wrong way (not my way!). Thank you for always being so sweet!

Christagayle said...

Meredith - thank you! I'm going to try really hard to keep it updated. I LOVE reading your blog. Miss you too!