Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luke is 8 Months Old!

Luke is 8 months old today!  I'm finally starting to feel like it's going by way too fast.  I mean, didn't he just turn 4 months old like yesterday?  He's learning so many new things all at once.  He is pulling himself up now and can stand very well when he is holding on to something.  He can even hold on with one hand!  He just started this new thing where he pushes his whole body up in the air from the crawl position - he will push himself up while leaving his hands & feet on the floor & kinda straighten his arms & legs.  It's his favorite yoga pose.  I keep waiting for him to just pull his hands up & take off walking.  He has also started holding his own bottle, although he still prefers for us to do it for him.  He loves to eat, & especially to snack on crunchy baby snacks.  His favorite thing to eat now is anything & everything that we are eating. 

Here are some new pics from the past few days.

Luke's new swing - he loves it

Peek - a - boo! 

He looks so red headed in some of his pics - but in real life, the little hair he has is blonde 

He's been using this duck tub since he was 6 months old but now prefers to sit in the tub without the duck

Standing in our bathroom - this is where he usually is in the morning while I'm getting ready for work

He's not too sure about these ears

Chewing on my necklace - he prefers non-toys to real toys

I tried the bunny ears again & again he wanted them off

He likes them better on Bunny - Bunny didn't agree!


Meredith said...

so so so cute! your pictures are so good too!

Christagayle said...

thank you meredith! i miss you!