Thursday, December 16, 2010


Luke had his four month shots yesterday.  He's up to 13.8 lbs.  He's in the 25th percentile for weight, 20th percentile for length, & 50th percentile for head circumfrence.  He was so happy laying naked on the table, smiling & cooing - he had no idea what was about to happen!  When he got his shots he immediately screamed, turned bright red, & cried.  I picked him up & was able to calm him down within a minute.  So, overall I think he was pretty tough about it.  He slept a lot yesterday and was cranky when he was awake.  I think that his little legs were sore because he normally loves to stand when we hold him but yesterday he wouldn't stand at all.  We decided to give him some baby tylenol last night & he seemed so much better within the hour.  I hope that he's feeling better today!  Here are some pics from yesterday, & a few from the night before.

This was in the car on the way to the Dr.  He's wearing his "Christmas Rocks" outfit with matching rocker hat (& a bib because he's a spitter!)

Dad & Luke in the waiting room

I LOVE this sweet little (big) bald head!  He does have a little hair & eyebrows, it's just really blonde so you have to look real close

These are from the night before his shots.  He loves his exersaucer!

He also LOVES watching the TV.  Is that bad?

I just realized that he's not smiling in any of these pics so I'm including a collage with pics of him smiling.  These were taken with my iphone, so the colors are weird & some are a little blurry.  He was 3 months old.

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